Why is this event needed and who is it for?

3 years ago. after teaching my children at home for nearly 8yrs in the UK, it become apparent that the majority of resources, websites, events and activities available for home educating families, barely featured children and families of African & Caribbean descent and didn’t cater for us either. But I found the events I did attend helped my home schooling journey greatly and felt it was a shame more families didn’t attend.


Considering the majority of home educating families I know are of African & Caribbean descent, it made complete sense to create a homeschooling fair that provided the same level of education and support currently offered, but tailored for our unique cultural needs, which would also allow us to network, interact and meet up with other homeschooling families of African & Caribbean descent.  As many feel the long term success of a family’s homeschooling journey is enhanced by the presence of a supportive network of like minded people, an event like this seems even more necessary.


Our mainstream education system has struggled for years to cater for the needs of children of African & Caribbean descent and our children also appear to perform less successfully than children of other races in many areas. This is a concern for many parents, many of whom are now considering home educating their children, or at the least, becoming more active in working with them around their current schooling.


So whether you want to teach your own children at home full time or part time or around their current schooling, this event is here to inform, inspire, motivate and support your journey.


The Teaching Our Own team is a group of concerned mothers and women of African & Caribbean descent, some who homeschool all their children full time and others who are very active in their children’s learning and development around their mainstream schooling, but we are all dedicated to the progression, development and support of children and families in our community, as we now our children are our future and need to be protected and nurtured at all costs.


We look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday 7th Oct – for more info and to book your ticket, click here


Have a great day and please spread the word



Teaching Our Own Team


P.S.  If you are interested in getting a stall in the market zone of the event or becoming a sponsor, please visit our contact page to request a form



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